Alkaline Trio mit Re-Release und neuem Label

Nachdem das Label V2 in den Staaten geschlossen wurde, mussten sich Alkaline Trio nach einem neuen Label umsehen. Neue Heimat der Band wird das Sony BMG Sublabel Epic werden. Zu alle dem wird die Scheibe "Goddamnit" via Asian Man Records wieder veröffentlicht. Schlagzeuger Derek Grant gab ein paar Details zum Re-Release bekannt...

"The album is being remixed/remastered by Matt Allison, who engineered the album back in 1998. The remix is being done with the utmost respect for the existing version of the album, there will be no overdubs or additional production done. We just listened to some of the tracks and it sounds great.

We found the master tapes from the 1996 demo - all four songs will be remastered and included as bonus tracks.

The CD will be packaged with a DVD. This will include a 90 minute documentary on the origins of the band through the recording of Goddamnit. New interviews with all the major players are included; Matt, Dan, Glenn Porter, Heather Hannoura, Mike Park, Matt Allison, etc. archival footage and pictures of the band are interspersed to help tell the story. Two entire live video performances of the album are included - one from 1998 and one from last year's Occult Roots tour. With the addition of several other bonus features this should bring the total running time to around two and a half hours.

Finally, the album art will be cleaned up and expanded by artist John Yates. It will include additional photos from the band's private collection, as well as additional liner notes/nostalgia.

No release date has been set, though we are confident it will be released well before the end of the year."