The Offspring Update

Dexter Holland hat sich nun ein weiteres Mal zum aktuellen Status geäußert. Wie es aussieht stellen The Offspring ihren bislang noch unbetitelten "Spliter"-Nachfolger bald fertig, so dass ein Release im Laufe des Jahres via Columbia Records angepeilt werden kann. Hier der komplette Kommentar...

"Wanna know what's going on with the new record? Well, I‘ve got two lyrics to do, a couple more to sing, and various musical tweaks and fixes to get done. Then we'll be ready to mix.

We haven't announced a release date yet because we're just not quite close enough to know when we'll be finished. We want to thank all our fans who have been so patient, and we want you to know that we‘ve been in the studio nearly every day now for quite awhile working hard to make a great record."