Erstes Studio-Update von T(I)NC

The (International) Noise Conspiracy haben sich ja bekanntlich zusammen mit Produzent Rick Rubin (Johnny Cash, Slayer, Rage Against The Machine) ins Studio begeben, um den 2005er "Armed Love"-Nachfolger aufzunehmen. Ihre ersten Eindrücke sehen folgendermaßen aus...

"It's been about a week since we arrived in the US, and we've been keeping ourselves very busy. Upholding the commune way of life we're sharing a Hollywood apartment and carpooling all through the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The first week has been used to rehearse and rearrange the songs, mainly by ourselves at Cole street rehearsals, but significant time has also been spent together with Rick Rubin as we try to make the songs the best they could be. At this moment we're working on 17 songs, and we're facing the wonderful problem of having more songs we're excited about than we will fit on an album.
So yesterday, after a week of productive rehearsals, numerous visits to Amoeba Records, stoner rock shows and skateboarding, we entered the Sunset Sound studios together with Rick and engineer Greg Fidelman to begin recording."