Neues Album von Voodoo Glow Skulls

Das neue Album der Voodoo Glow Skulls kommt am 18.September via Victory Records auf den Markt. Auf ihrer MySpace Seite kann man sich vorab schon einmal 'Discombobulated' und 'Ballad Of Froggy McNasty' anhören.

Die Band kommentierte ihr neustes Werk, "Southern California Street Music", wie folgt...

"We've been working on our new album for about a year now, recording it in between tours... It's been the longest we've ever taken on a recording, but we're stoked to be able to do it at our own pace. Once again, we recorded it ourselves at our very own Dogrun Studios in Riverside, CA. Actually, it's Eddie, our guitarist's studio at his home. Where he, the Sapo (our drummer), and Gootzy (our roadie) and Bluto the bulldog all live together. Eddie pretty much produced & engineered the whole entire album on his own. He actually wrote 100 percent of the lyrics too! Everyone else contributed too, but it was mostly Eddie behind this project." 

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