Matt Wong verlässt Reel Big Fish

Kurz vor dem Release ihres neuen Albums "Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free" verlässt Matt Wong nach 16 Jahren Reel Big Fish die Band. Mit Derek Gibbs ist bereits ein Ersatz gefunden. Hier ein Kommentar der Band zum Ausscheiden ihres Bassisten...

"After 16 years he has decided to end his adventures with the Reel Big Fish and begin his aventures as a father! He has decided to stop living the wild rock and roll life and settle down and be a family man. He was never very fond of our constant touring schedule and after he got married a couple of years ago he was even more miserable than ever when he was away from home. As soon as the baby came, he said, "I knew I could never leave again"." 

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